Provident Broker Compensation Info

Your insurance broker or benefit consultant can offer you advice and guidance as you select the policy and provider most appropriate for your needs. At Provident, in partnership with our carriers, we offer compensation to your broker for the important role these professionals play in the sale and servicing of our products. Policy commissions are paid each year the policy remains inforce.

Brokers/consultants working with Provident are eligible to receive the following commissions:


Commissions *

First Responder Accident & Health


Group Term Life


Accidental Death & Dismemberment


* Commission rates vary from 0 - 10%.

Should you have additional questions or want more specific information, please mail a written request to our main office at PO Box 11588, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. You may also fax your request to 412-963-0415. Your request should be on official letterhead and be signed by an officer of your organization.


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